How to create most value and quality?

As much as 54 % of the world’s population live in urban areas today, a proportion that is expected to increase to 66 % by 2050. In Europe, by 2014 72 % were already living in urban environments. This trend is growing fast and will have a huge impact on working and living environments as well as on the design and maintenance of buildings.

Providing public transportation, as well as housing, electricity, water and sanitation for high-density city areas is typically more cost-efficient and reduces the human impact on nature. Functional and controlled systems enable a comfortable urban life, where safety is the perfect interaction of technology and human behaviour.

Caverion provides opportunities to make cities and growth centres connected and accessible with reliable infrastructures. Also, the property value of existing buildings can be significantly increased through their new use. Caverion’s expertise covers the full scope of technical design, installation, project management and maintenance – competence areas required for major infrastructure and urban solutions.

Reliable Infrastructure