How smart buildings communicate?

When a building’s operating environment is functioning correctly, it increases productivityand end-user comfort. With the automation and remote management technology available today, clients can achieve dramatic improvements in building and process energy efficiency as well as in cost and quality control.

Business continuity is ensured with smart solutions providing high predictability and security of operations. This minimises the need for expensive shutdowns and lets end users focus on their core business activities, helps in predicting and reducing operational costs, and improves scheduled maintenance.

Caverion’s solutions require in-depth expertise in integrating various types of total technical and IT solutions and skills in analysing and utilising data from numerous sources. This applies to underfloor heating, LED technology, motion detectors, presence-based ventilation, or the combining of terrestrial heat and solar collectors alike.

In addition, Caverion offers its modern ServiFlex service concept for preventive planned maintenance for single or multiple technical systems. The objective is always to offer ease and efficiency in everyday operations. ServiFlex prolongs the life of the technical installation and increases the value of the building.
Intelligent Solution