Are people satisfied with the environment in your building?
What is their productivity level?

At Caverion, we support our clients in the management of property, such as hospitals, schools, sports venues and office buildings. This translates into cost-efficiency and environmental friendliness for years to come, whether the portfolio consists of older buildings or where there is a need for rebuilding.

More than 90 % of our lives are spent in enclosed spaces of built environments. The psychosocial environments have been given a lot of attention, but research shows that also optimal indoor air quality increases productivity and satisfaction, improves performance as well as reduces absences.

Caverion offers innovative and modular solutions throughout the building’s life cycle to ensure comfortable, pleasant, safe and healthy indoor conditions.

In a broad-based Norwegian research project, Dr Ragnhild Wiik has shown that great gains in productivity are achieved by improving air, sound and aesthetic conditions. Research concludes that 25 % of our productivity is controlled by the indoor environment.

Caverion has developed a tool called ByggSim based on this four-year research into how much more productive employees can be in optimal conditions and what this actually translates into in hard cash on the bottom line.


  • Building simulator tool for builders and property developers
  • Shows how increased productivity translates into hard cash in energy, operational and maintenance costs
  • Estimates how much more productive your employees can be in optimal conditions