How well do you manage energy consumption?

Caverion’s specifically designed services and solutions optimise a property’s energy consumption throughout its life cycle. With the help of Caverion’s solutions, you can lower the energy costs of your premises, reduce their environmental impact and comply with the EU’s tightening energy goals.

Buildings account for approximately 40 % of energy consumption and 36 % of CO2 emissions within the EU. Designing and maintaining energy-efficient buildings has a major impact in slowing down climate change.

Caverion supports you in decreasing the environmental impacts of your operations. For example, remote management helps prevent business interruptions which could often result in increased energy consumption. Our competence and ability to analyse large volumes of data together with advanced building automation solutions and monitoring tools support overall industrial productivity and energy savings targets.

Caverion’s energy efficiency specialists provide analyses and recommended actions from energy inspections extending to complex energy contracting business models where savings are guaranteed.