Lempäälä municipality, Finland

Caverion has built new systems and repairing existing ones for Lempäälä municipality. Lempäälä municipality maintains its properties in an exemplary fashion and has signed maintenance agreements with Caverion.

The replacement of fire detectors reduced costs and improved   the user experience in the school and old people’s home   as regards false alarms. Caverion always notifies well in advance   about potential additional work and their quote takes into account   all the necessary factors and, in the long term, the entire life cycle   of the building systems.

Jarkko Leinonen, Property Management Supervisor
Lempäälä municipality, Technical Department


  • Projektmanagement
  • Projektabwicklung


  • Brandschutz und Sicherheit


  • Öffentliche Hand - Verwaltung
  • Öffentliche Hand



  • Preventive maintenance of the municipality’s properties so as to avoid expensive surprises. The old electronic fire alarm equipment was not working reliably any more.


  • The theoretical useful life of this kind of equipment is approximately 15–20 years. The solution was to replace the central processing equipment of the fire alarm system. Mandatory approval was obtained from the fire department.
  • Disciplines: Security and Safety
  • Year: 2013 – ongoing
  • Scope: the security, safety and fire extinguishing solutions of a sports centre, school, daycare centre and old people’s home.

 Services provided by Caverion

  • Replacement of the central processing equipment of the fire alarm system; obtaining approval from the authorities
  • Maintenance work on emergency lighting
  • Alarm transfer services and line monitoring 24/7
  • False alarm setting and prevention service
  • Overhaul and maintenance of smoke ventilation systems
  • Service and maintenance of video surveillance and intruder alarm systems as needed
  • Installation of sprinklers in new buildings
  • Warranty repairs of sprinkler systems